Our Company - Asset-Trading, Ltd. - exists since 2003, is succesfully providing services in the field of widely understood economic-financial consulting, organization and management, brokering business (matchmaking) and the popularization of the achievements of science, culture and business.

The owners of Asset Trading, Ltd. are individuals. No entity in the ownership structure of the banking sector is a guarantee of complete independence to the Company's operations. Our experts - with a solid foundation of merit and professional experience, include a well-known financial institutions - provide a wide range of customers the highest quality consulting services. We offer our services to a broad cross-section of Polish companies, from small few-personal plants to large manufacturing and trading enterprise, working not only with customers from Warsaw and the region of Mazovia but also from other Polish regions. As part of our growth strategy, we also offer services to companies and institutions of the European Union as well as to non-European countries. Our activities are based mainly on highly skilled professionals and cooperating individuals, recruited solely on the basis of civil law contracts. Thus, the potential of the company can be flexibly adapted to existing needs.

Since 2008, as a Diplomatic Member of international non-profit association Global Alliance of International Advancement based in New York, we pay special attention to development projects produced under the auspices of the United Nations. Part of our membership dues are devote to fight the scourge of AIDS in Africa and the construction of health centers in Third World countries. The members of our company are mentioned regularly in publications of the International Who's Who Historical Society based in Washington and Madison Who's Who based in New York. As a result of our well-advising to the producers and distributors of coffee, already in 2005 we were honored with membership in the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe based in London.

Since the inception we conduct our business on four fundamental principles:
COMFORT OF COOPERATION - the success of our customers is our success . Our motto is full cooperation with the client, the effectiveness of the action and - above all - speed of execution of assigned orders. That's why we treat each order individually, utmost desiring to meet customer expectations. In our work we put not only professional knowledge and experience but also the heart. This allows our customers come back to us.
HONESTY - in our daily work, we always try to be fair and in accordance with the principles of art.
RELIABILITY - strictly observe the rules of professional ethics, which for our customers is a guarantee of reliability and security cooperation.
PROFESSIONALISM - we offer professional execution of orders received on very favorable terms. We are characterized by high efficiency and speed in action, punctuality and dependability. We also provide - within the framework of orders - a free additional services. From the existing customers we had so far no complaints and on the contrary - we were entrusted with further orders.

Upon signed contracts we cooperate with the biggest financial institutions operating in Poland, offering loans both to individuals and to the companies as well as leasing agreements and unique investment instruments. We accompany you from the choice of the offer to finalize the agreement with the bank. We fill up all the paperwork for you!

For individual customers, we offer the full range of loans for different purposes by negotiating the best conditions.

  • Cash Loans - Cash for any purpose...!
  • Debt Consolidation Loans - lose in terms of different loans installments ...! Connect loans into one and start paying less!
  • Mortgages - we will help you get the best deal for your needs and financial possibilities.
  • Car Loans - for the purchase of cars, both new and used!
  • Investments - structured products, regular saving, investment funds.

For companies, we offer a wide range of financing current and investment activity.

  • Loans to Start - available from the business registration!
  • Revolving loans - interest charged only on the utilized amount of the granted limit!
  • Investment loans - for companies wanting to purchase, expand or modernize their assets.
  • Consolidation of investment loans contracted in other banks!
  • Leasing - operational, financial and for real estate!

Analysis and business strategies

Dynamically changing economic reality forces the entrepreneurs to use modern solutions in the field of management, marketing and finance. The times when the owner or director of the company was able to realize the whole process of planning and management autonomously, relying only on their own knowledge, experience and intuition are gone.

Increasingly, even small businesses decide to hire external consultants whose mission is to develop and implement such strategic development plan, restructuring or even just help in proper implementation of the project. Exercise of such option carries a number of quantifiable financial benefits. Delegating certain tasks to external consultants is also cheaper than maintaining its own services, more efficient and at the same time guarantees the full objective assessment of the situation.

The success of any enterprise depends inter alia on the quality of management and managerial effectiveness. In many cases, the problems faced by the company are derived from errors occurring in the sphere of management. We offer our assistance in the restructuring of the company, improve its liquidity and optimize / reduce costs and increase revenues.

We offer you the organization conducting sales offices and branch offices, both in Poland and outside its borders. As part of the approved order, we organize office equipment and commissioning and commercial activities . We organize both modest 1-2 person facility, as well as extended in the form of subsidiaries.

Many businesses as a result of changes in economic conditions has problems with timely servicing previously concluded credit or lease agreements. We offer them our assistance in the renegotiation of these agreements with banks and leasing companies, including assistance in adjusting repayment schedules to the current financial capabilities.

We also offer assistance to companies facing bankruptcy. We will make extensive negotiations with creditors. If an application bankruptcy turned out to be really necessary, we will help in carrying out all the formalities and will be offered advice and assistance during the proceedings.

International matchmaking (business brokering)

Not so long ago the concept of matchmaking has been associated by people solely to the matrimonial agencies.

Today this concept is permanently entered into the dictionary of business and is meeting people from different sectors, groups or organizations for exchange of information on projects and find a partner for the implementation of joint projects.

In our activities this term is used to illustrate the meetings, visits and presentations, designed to initiate business cooperation.

We adhere to the principle of taking deliberate actions which are essential to support the implementation of the plans and initiatives of our clients, regardless of whether they represent a sector of production, trade and services.

We conduct a detailed identification of needs and opportunities for cooperation with foreign companies, taking action for growth of Polish entrepreneurs and people running business environment. For the foreign companies, we offer a full-sized Polish market research, finding potential partners, creating a network of sales and any assistance in entering the Polish market.

Our service is often extended to negotiate trade agreements, acquisition or supply contract counterparty.

The usual remuneration in such cases is both a success-fee and the trade commission.

Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations

Responding to the demand of our customers, we offer comprehensive marketing services. After a careful reading of the complex range of needs (marketing audit) and careful analysis of the market and competitors, we proceed to develop a marketing plan suitable for the client company and its customers. Knowing that only a professionally designed marketing plans bring the desired effect, we give to the client our teams of experienced professionals who prepare and supervise the implementation of the marketing plan. Their activity is carried out within the following areas:

Strategic consulting
We develop business strategies according to the principles of marketing management, verification subjecting existing development strategies. We carry out the analysis of Study business, examining its position in the sector and key competences.

Organizational consulting
We design and organize the formal structures, including commercial and marketing departments, with a view to improving the functioning of the company.

Operational consulting and implementation
We manage the implementations of projects: marketing activities, functions and marketing systems. We support the establishment and development of marketing department and construction and development of the sales forces and other formal structures of the enterprise. We implement to improve the flow of information and communication in teams.

Consulting sales and marketing. The organization of advertising and events. Public Relations.
We develop projects marketing tools. We develop budgets implementation, including planning functions (marketing control systems, implementation plans, marketing plans, department development) marketing sales support. As part of the plan to solve business counseling and work to improvements in the functioning of the commercial team in the areas of : maximizing the effects of work, work organization, information flow, job evaluation systems trading team and the organization of sales department, design and implementation of incentive systems of remuneration commercial team. By inviting the best and experienced trainers and teachers, we organize and conduct trainings for the sales forces.

We also have a rich base of cooperating with us specialists in PR ready to provide its services. In the field of advertising and promotion we work closely with industry-leading advertising and event agencies, ready to meet your every expectation. Everything we offer is going on in close cooperation with you and each new step is taken in your acceptance and awareness appointed jointly purposes.

IT solutions for business

Our IT department creates, implements and supports integrated systems for complex business and technical management for enterprises and provides high-quality consulting services in the field of databases. Its main task is to provide customers with comprehensive IT services ranging from consulting in the selection of information technology, through implementation using its own resources or in cooperation with partners, as well as the maintenance and care of information on the systems in place. Our services are aimed at companies and institutions implementing home solutions as well as IT companies who want to use our knowledge and skills in their own projects.

The main area of ​​activity of the IT Department databases. Our specialists have specialized knowledge in the field of database administration, primarily Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server as well as on mySQL and PostgreSQL databases. Our specialists deal with the installation, administration, tuning and consultation in the field of databases. Services include both new implementation of databases as well as the maintenance and tuning of existing installations and applications and database creation and database programming.

Excellent knowledge of database systems is also accompanied by knowledge of server platforms and operating systems with which these databases work. We have a very good knowledge of server systems, including IBM pSeries working class under the AIX operating system and Linux. In addition, the scope of our competencies are systems based on i386 companies such as IBM, Dell and HP working under the control of Microsoft Windows or Linux.

Our offer includes a selection of systems and server technologies, advice in deployment of server systems working with databases and data storage systems (Fibre Channel arrays, systems backups, etc. ) from different manufacturers, depending on the application requirements. The offer also includes all activities related to the implementation of the database system or the installation, configuration and maintenance of server systems and backup systems necessary for the proper operation of the database.

Our specialists have extensive experience in working with Microsoft operating systems (Microsoft Windows 2000 Server and Microsoft Windows 2003 Server), which allows us to offer implementation services and consultancy in the field of Microsoft technology, such as services related to the system directory and Microsoft Active Directory mail system Microsoft Exchange Server.

In the field of competence of the IT Department is also the administration and maintenance of Linux systems in the field of networking, ie. operating systems, postal and web servers and working Linux server as a router/firewall.

The detailed scope of work and terms of payment for contracted services are negotiated individually, which allows for precise adjustment of the offer to the customer's needs.

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The share capital: 1.000.000,oo PLN (250.000,oo EUR)

Tomasz Pierchała - President of the Board
Katarzyna Pierchała - Member of the Board

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Asset Trading Sp. z o.o. / Financial Services is pleased to announce that the final shape of the supply of credit is the sole discretion of the bank based on the analysis of the individual circumstances of the customer. Therefore proposed to the Customer the value of the loan and the installment amount may differ from the calculations made by the advisor. In the assessment of the creditworthiness of the bank takes into account, inter alia, applicant's income and repayment status of its existing commitments.


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